In business your staff are your most valuable resource.

Discover how to have engaged, resilient and productive employees and get the best from your greatest asset.

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Companies that recognise the importance of employee wellbeing develop confident, motivated and focused staff who perform in a way that benefits the business.

Improving employee resilience and mental health can reduce absence, change behaviour and improve wellbeing. Enabling staff to have a better experience at work, home, and in life benefits everyone.

When staff are engaged and performing to their potential, the company gets the best from them, and the business profits.



The percentage of staff absences in the UK caused by work-related stress, anxiety or depression.

(Thriving at Work: The Stevenson-Farmer Independent Review of Mental Health and Employers, October 2017)


The potential cost per employee of mental health issues as a result of work (dependant on the industry).

(Mental Health and Employers: the case for investment, Supporting study for the Independent Review, Deloitte, October 2017)


The proportion of employees that experience mental health issues as a result of work.

(The Prince’s Responsible Business Network, Business in the Community: Mental Health Summary May 2016)


The proportion of employees that have called in sick because of work related stress

(Mind: Taking care of your staff, accessed June 2019)


The return on investment for practical workplace wellbeing programmes.

(Mental Health and Employers: the case for investment, Supporting study for the Independent Review, Deloitte, October 2017)


The percentage of employees that have resigned as a result of stress at work (42% had considered it)

(Mind: Taking care of your staff, accessed June 2019)

Why wellbeing matters

Have you noticed your company’s productivity falling? Do you spend your time juggling last minute absences, reorganising workloads and adjusting working arrangements? Is it causing extra work for others? Are you noticing the rest of your team feeling resentful and dissatisfied?

Engaged staff are better for business. When staff are flourishing at work, they tend to have a better work life balance, feel happier, find it easier to focus on work and be more productive.

Staff vitality is vital for business

When staff feel insecure, stressed and anxious, it affects customers and ultimately the bottom line. Customers become less satisfied with the service they receive, as staff focus on what is going on inside their heads, rather than customers’ needs.

When employees mental health is suffering, it becomes increasingly hard for them to put their energy into work. There’s then a knock on effect on their personal life, putting pressure on the relationships that help them to cope.

Over time, it gets more difficult for them to switch off from anxiety and manage their work. They’ll spend more and more time away from their desk, as they struggle to cope with workloads and their own thoughts and feelings. Other members of the team are often left having to deal with the side effects of colleagues’ stress, anxiety and depression, often snowballing into stress and anxiety themselves.

Everyone suffers

It costs the individual their mental health and wellbeing. It costs the company productivity and time and energy to manage. Line managers can become stressed and anxious themselves as they try to handle their staff’s mental health.

One person’s stress and anxiety can snowball, affecting members of their team, their manager and the senior management team. Add into this HR time and it all adds up to a drain on resources.


Creating a resilient workplace

Blossom at work workshops focus on giving staff practical self help strategies. A resilient workplace creates engagement, job satisfaction and improved productivity. When staff develop resilience, they are able to handle the everyday work-related stresses of full workloads, demanding customers and managers. They find it easier to achieve challenging tasks, communicate effectively and be creative.

As each person becomes more resilient and learns to cope better, it impacts business performance. As employees feel more satisfied, they are more focused, have more purpose and connection with clients, colleagues and managers.

Blossom at work provides easy to learn, engaging and practical techniques to help meet the needs of the workplace. By learning to understand and recognise the signs of stress and anxiety in themselves and others, employees are enabled to take skillful action.

About me

I’m Celia, I specialise in working with companies with a high level of staff absence and underperformance. Companies are often unaware this is caused by high levels of stress and anxiety. I work with businesses to develop more resilient workplaces and help their staff to thrive.

I have over 20 years experience of helping people to overcome problems, improve wellbeing and take control of their lives.

I love helping employees to have a better work and life experience. I am lit up by supporting people to access their inner resources and develop practical skills to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

My workshops empower staff to implement strategies to solve their problems and develop creative solutions for themselves. These practical changes make a real difference to themselves, their colleagues and the workplace.

To find out more about me and how I help individuals please see my sister website Blossom Hypnotherapy.

Employee wellbeing and resilience courses

Your company can contribute to staff wellbeing by equipping your staff to help themselves.

I use a range of techniques tailored to the needs of your workplace. Employees learn practical tools they can use at home and work.

The workshops promote understanding and inclusion in the workplace.

Staff improve their ability to cope and learn how to put in place their own strategies to improve mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

More resilient staff means companies are able to thrive under pressure and embrace challenges and change.

Sessions are relaxed and encourage staff to take on board new techniques, have fun and make simple and lasting changes.


Choose from the range of services and courses

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" Initially I was curious to understand more regarding what Celia meant by “wellbeing”. It was very informative and a great opportunity to be in a collective where everybody in some measure could be anxious and afraid. Celia went over certain exercises and ways of dealing with these feelings. It was very useful and would be great if it was held annually or regularly to remind ourselves of our own wellbeing."
Workshop participant, June 2019
“ 10/10 I really liked the way you explained about how to make goals reachable by linking goals to values. The way you explained it was very clear and easy to understand. ”
Workshop participant, May 2019
“ Very relaxing and supportive. Thank you. I have learnt ways to help me sleep. I won't go to bed thirsty anymore and like the idea of a worry/thinking chair. ”
Workshop participant, April 2019
“ Thank you for showing me mindfulness. I have learnt to picture the present not the future/past. ”
Workshop participant, June 2019
“ Thank you that has been really helpful. I have learnt how to switch off from work stress. I now know things I can do to help myself. ”
Workshop participant, May 2019
“We wanted to do something to help staff manage anxiety levels during the Covid 19 lockdown. Celia worked with us to develop a workshop which suited our needs – appealing both to those who were long term sufferers of anxiety as well as those experiencing it for the first time or wanting to help a colleague or family member. Celia provided exactly what we were looking for - lots of practical advice and exercises and a supportive and relaxed forum for 150 of our staff. We were delighted with the positive feedback we received back from our staff about the event. They really appreciated the workshop, Celia's approach and informal style. As an organisation we were delighted to be able to offer our staff support in this way. It has helped our staff to stay focused and motivated during the long months of working from home.”
Amanda Latter, Kent & East Sussex Area Wellbeing Lead, Environment Agency
“I found the workshop very useful and informative with a good mix of interaction, questions and worksheets to set goals.”
Workshop participant March 2020
“I would like to add my sincere thanks to you for delivering today’s workshop. There was clearly an appetite for this and all the positive feedback shows it was truly appreciated. Our staff found the session very engaging with many people commenting how useful it was not to feel alone with their feelings. Participants commented they found particularly useful ‘knowing we’re not alone’, ’the breathing and grounding exercises’, ‘doing this as a group’.”
Workshop commissioner, June 2020
“10/10 I attended a workshop that Celia was doing and I can’t thank her enough, the session was incredible. The thing that come across to me the most was that there was never any hesitation in anything Celia was asked, she completed the session with complete confidence and professionalism! Thanks again Celia! Can’t wait for the next one.”
Workshop participant, April 2022
“I recently attended one of Celia's workshops about boundaries. Celia has an engaging & energising facilitative style. She accommodates all learning styles in her presentation & delivery, enabling her audience to take away key learnings to put into practice.”
Workshop participant, April 2022
“I loved your workshop. It was incredibly knowledgable and I found its very thought provoking and I have been a lot more mindful in my day to day practices going forward. It has really helped me to understand the importance of boundaries both in my personal and business life. It was really enjoyable to have this time to take note of certain things and I have managed to put some steps in place since your wonderful workshop. Thank you”

Employer Benefits

Reduced presenteeism (coming to work unwell)

Demonstrate corporate social responsibility

Improved employee health and wellbeing

Meet health and safety legal obligations

Business critical capabilities covered

Reduced staff absenteeism

Reduced staff turnover

Improved productivity

Employee Benefits

Improved confidence in ability to perform at work

Less time covering other peoples’ jobs

Improved health and wellbeing

More supportive team culture

Better able to manage stress

Improved communication

Better work-life balance

More effective at work




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